Working with Relationships

The way an individual relates to the important people in their lives is a key element of their psychological and emotional well-being. An individual’s relationship style is grounded in early experiences and research shows that these processes can impact adulthood relationships and parenting styles. Psychology on Hay is committed to working with individuals, couples and families with relationship difficulties.


Integrating many strands of knowledge (attachment research, neurobiology, cognitive science, developmental psychology, complexity and systems theory), Psychology on Hay recognises that relationships fundamentally shape how our brains develop, the way our minds construct reality, and how well (or badly) we adapt to psychological stressors throughout life.

Clinical evidence suggests that people end up with partners who confirm their existing beliefs about relationships. The Psychology On Hay team has a strong knowledge of current findings from the field of couple and family therapy and can help you explore your relationships in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

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